OSCar – Open Standards for Cards


The OScar project aims at defining a common SEPA wide payment solution based on two available SEPA standards: the SEPA FAST payment application specified and owned by the CIR TWG and the EPAS ISO 20022 acquirer protocol specified and owned by EPASOrg. The OSCar project will carry out field trials in 2012 in a multi-schemes, multi-acquirers and multi-country environment and will set up in parallel the respective functional certification infrastructure.

What OSeC is for the security of payment terminal is OSCar for the functional part. Both initiatives are market driven, aiming for a permanent infrastructure for evaluation and certification in Europe.

SOGIS – Senior Officials Group Information Systems Security


Ten National bodies from countries of the European Union or EFTA are working together to:

SOGIS has been working together with the OSeC Steering Committee and the JTEMS Working Group in the area of the new Point of Interaction Protection Profile. SOGIS members are part of the OSeC project.